2023-06-25 Yu Chien Peter Linsystem: add RISC-V CPU info master
2023-03-22 Stijn TintelRevert "sysupgrade: print errno on failure"
2023-01-16 Daniel Golleinit: attempt to mount efivarfs
2023-01-16 Daniel Gollejail: don't assume positive return value of creat
2023-01-16 Daniel Gollejail: fs: don't overwrite existing mount target
2022-11-10 Stijn Tintelsysupgrade: print errno on failure
2022-11-10 Yuteng Zhongjail: ignore missing .dynamic sect
2022-11-10 Philipp Meierjail: correctly check for null pointer
2022-09-26 Stijn Tintelinstance: dump netdev params
2022-07-17 Christian Marangijail: fix various ignoring return value compilation...
2022-07-17 Christian Marangijail: add WARNING macro to log non critical warning...
2022-06-27 Junnan Xuutrace: fix memory leak
2022-06-01 Daniel Golleinit: only relabel rootfs if started from initramfs
2022-06-01 Daniel Golleinit: selinux: don't relabel virtual filesystems
2022-05-03 Daniel Golleinit: restore SELinux labels after policy is loaded
2022-04-13 Daniel Gollejail: include necessary files for per-netns netifd...
2022-04-13 Daniel Golleuxc: fix potential NULL-pointer dereference
2022-03-03 Rui Salvaterraprocd: completely remove tmp-on-zram support
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleinstance: exit in case asprintf() fails
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: remove unused printf parameter
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: clean up error handling
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: allow editing settings using 'create'
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: add support for user-defined settings
2022-01-30 Peter Lundkvistprocd: seccomp/jail: Fix build error on arm with glibc
2022-01-11 Rui Salvaterraprocd: clean up /dev/pts mounts
2022-01-11 Rui Salvaterraprocd: mount /dev with noexec
2022-01-11 Roman Azarenkoprocd: jail/cgroups: correctly enable "rdma" when requested
2021-12-26 Daniel Golleuxc: fix two minor issues reported by Coverity
2021-12-20 Daniel Golleuxc: usage message cosmetics
2021-12-20 Daniel Golleremove ujail-console
2021-12-20 Daniel Golleuxc: integrate console into uxc
2021-12-20 Daniel Golleuxc: consider uvol and etc location for configurations
2021-12-11 Daniel Gollejail: make sure jailed process is terminated
2021-11-23 Daniel Golleprocd: service_stop_all: also kill inittab actions
2021-11-23 John Crispinprocd: add full service shutdown prior to sysupgrade
2021-11-23 Daniel Golleservice: move jail parsing to end of instance parser
2021-11-23 Florian Eckertsystem: add diskfree infos to ubus
2021-11-11 Daniel Gollejail: allow passing environment variable to procd jaile...
2021-11-04 Stijn Tinteltrigger: use uloop_timeout_remaining64
2021-11-01 Hauke Mehrtensjail: elf: Remove MIPS 64 warning
2021-11-01 Hauke Mehrtensjail: elf: Use 64 bit variables for elf offsets
2021-10-22 Hauke Mehrtensjail: Fix build with glibc
2021-10-17 Daniel Golleuxc: add missing 'break' statement
2021-10-17 Daniel Gollejail: netifd: check target netns fd before using it
2021-10-17 Daniel Gollejail: netifd: fix error handling issue reported by...
2021-10-17 Daniel Gollejail: netifd: code cosmetics
2021-10-12 Daniel Gollejail: make use of per-container netifd via ubus
2021-10-12 Daniel Gollejail: netifd: generate netifd uci config and mount it
2021-10-12 Daniel Gollejail: fs: add support for asymmetric mount bind
2021-10-12 Daniel Golleuxc: don't free the stack
2021-10-12 Daniel Golleuxc: fix segfault caused by use-after-free
2021-09-15 Daniel Gollejail: start ubus and netifd instances for container...
2021-09-15 Daniel GolleRevert "jail: do not hack /etc/resolv.conf on container...
2021-09-15 Daniel Golleinstance: allow jailed service to join namespace(s)
2021-09-15 Daniel Gollejail: prepare for adding process to existing namespace
2021-09-15 Daniel Golleuxc: add JSON output option for 'list' command
2021-09-15 Daniel Golleprocd: fix container deletion
2021-09-15 Daniel Golletrace: don't leak file descriptor in error path
2021-08-31 Nick Hainkeinitd: fix off-by-one error in mkdev.c
2021-08-31 Nick HainkeRevert "initd: fix off-by-one error in mkdev.c"
2021-08-30 Daniel Golletrace: preload: avoid NULL-dereference here as well
2021-08-30 Daniel Gollejail: actually check calloc return value
2021-08-30 Daniel Golleutils: don't ignore open() return value
2021-08-30 Daniel Golleinitd: fix off-by-one error in mkdev.c
2021-08-30 Nick Hainketrace: fix potential use-after-free occurence
2021-08-30 Daniel Golletrace: free memory allocated by blobmsg_format_json_ind...
2021-08-30 Daniel Golleuxc: move mountpoint of persistent config to /var/run/uxc
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: protect against strcat buffer overflows
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: preload: avoid NULL-dereference in case things...
2021-08-24 Daniel Golletrace: handle open() return value and make sure string...
2021-08-24 Daniel Golletrace: free string returned by blobmsg_format_json_indent()
2021-08-24 Daniel Golleuxc: free string returned by blobmsg_format_json_indent()
2021-08-24 Daniel Golleutils: make sure read() string is 0 terminated
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: use portable sizeof(void *)
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: check return value when opening console
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: return to hook callback instead of just calling it
2021-08-24 Daniel Gollejail: devices: create parent folder when creating devices
2021-08-22 Kevin Darbyshire... uxc.c: fix coverity resource leak warning
2021-08-15 Daniel Golleuxc: support config in uvol
2021-08-15 Daniel Golleuxc: fix help output
2021-08-15 Daniel Golleuxc: fix a bunch of issues discovered by Coverity
2021-08-15 Daniel Golleservice: make sure string read is null terminated
2021-08-15 Daniel Gollesystem: fix issues reported by Coverity
2021-08-14 Daniel Golleujail-console: add missing error handling discovered...
2021-08-14 Daniel Gollejail: fix several issues discovered by Coverity
2021-08-14 Daniel Gollehotplug-dispatch: yet another rare memory leak disovere...
2021-08-13 Daniel Gollesystem: make rootfs type accessible through board call
2021-08-05 Daniel Gollehotplug-dispatch: fix rare memory leaks in error paths
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: cgroups-bpf: fix compile with musl 1.2
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: don't ignore return value of write()
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: cgroups: replace wrongly used assert()
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollehotplug-dispatch: replace wrongly used assert()
2021-08-04 Daniel Golleuxc: always handle asprintf() return value
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollehotplug-dispatch: don't ignore asprintf() return value
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: ignore return value when creating default /dev...
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: don't ignore return value of seteuid()
2021-08-04 Daniel Gollejail: cgroups-bpf: don't use sys/reg.h when building...
2021-07-25 Martin Blumenstinglwatchdog: Add an info message if the watchdog reset...
2021-07-24 Daniel Golleuxc: resolve volume UUIDs by name of UCI fstab section
2021-07-24 Daniel Golleuxc: don't restart containers when mount shows up