descriptionOpenWrt service / process manager
last changeSat, 30 Mar 2024 21:30:41 +0000 (14:30 -0700)
2024-03-30 Tony Ambardartrace: use standard POSIX header for basename() master
2024-03-30 Dragan Milenkovicwatchdog: always close fd on watchdog stop
2024-03-25 INAGAKI Hiroshiinittab: fallback when multiple "console=" is detected
2024-03-25 INAGAKI Hiroshiutils: add key-value offset support to get_cmdline_val()
2024-03-20 Paul Spoorenci: enable ujail builds
2024-03-20 Paul Spoorentest commit fixing warnings
2024-03-20 Paul Spoorenci: add github test workflow
2024-02-24 Daniel Gollesystem: break infite loop resolving rootfs type
2024-02-21 Daniel Gollehotplug-dispatch: don't filter empty env variables
2023-11-28 John Crispinudebug: add support for logging via udebug
2023-11-27 Markus Gotheservice: Fix retriggering of init.d-scripts.
2023-06-25 Yu Chien Peter Linsystem: add RISC-V CPU info
2023-03-22 Stijn TintelRevert "sysupgrade: print errno on failure"
2023-01-16 Daniel Golleinit: attempt to mount efivarfs
2023-01-16 Daniel Gollejail: don't assume positive return value of creat
2023-01-16 Daniel Gollejail: fs: don't overwrite existing mount target
2 months ago master
18 months ago staging/stintel/sysupgrade
23 months ago staging/stintel/watchdog
4 years ago openwrt-19.07
6 years ago lede-17.01