descriptionOpenWrt service / process manager
last changeWed, 5 May 2021 12:11:53 +0000 (13:11 +0100)
9 days ago Gaurav Pathakprocd: Use /dev/console for serial console if exists master
2021-03-21 Gaurav Pathakprocd: Adding support to detect Pantavisor Container...
2021-03-19 Daniel Golletrace: fix build on aarch64
2021-03-19 Daniel Gollejail/seccomp: add support for aarch64
2021-03-07 Mathew McBrideinittab: detect active console from kernel if no consol...
2021-03-07 Daniel Golleutils: fix C style in header file
2021-03-02 Rosen Penevprocd: fix compilation with newer musl
2021-02-23 Daniel Gollesystem: expose if system was booted from initramfs
2021-02-13 Daniel Gollecosmetics: provide compatible system info on Aarch64
2021-02-07 Daniel Golleprocd: add hotplug-call dispatcher
2021-02-02 Daniel Gollejail: cgroups: fix uninitialized variable
2021-02-02 Daniel Gollejail: only output BPF instr. table header if debugging
2021-02-02 Daniel Gollejail: remove duplicate check for hook file permissions
2021-01-26 John Crispinprocd: fix compiler warning
2021-01-26 Stefan Eichenbergerhotplug.c: set nl_pid to zero
2020-12-12 Daniel Golletreewide: replace local mkdir_p implementations
9 days ago master
14 months ago openwrt-19.07
3 years ago lede-17.01