ramips: add watchdog device for RT305x
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ramips / files / arch / mips / include / asm / mach-ralink / rt305x_regs.h
2011-01-26 Gabor Juhosramips: add watchdog device for RT305x
2010-03-30 John Crispin[ramips] Fix the base address of the wireless card...
2009-10-24 John Crispin[ramips] adds mach type for fonera20n
2009-10-23 John Crispin[ramips] adds ethernet driver, esw needs to be moved...
2009-09-04 Gabor Juhos[ramips] add GPIO configuration feature
2009-08-31 Gabor Juhos[ramips] fix GPIOLIB support
2009-08-30 Gabor Juhos[ramips] share common INTC code
2009-08-30 Gabor Juhos[ramips] initial support for RT288x/RT305x