2023-04-22 pacienodhcp6c: add -K option to set packet kernel priority master
2022-08-01 viktor.iarmoladhcpv6: add option to ignore stateless advertise
2022-07-13 Dávid Benkoodhcp6c: fix IA discard when T1 > 0 and T2 = 0
2021-12-05 Hans DedeckerRevert "dhcpv6: add a minimum valid lifetime for IA_PD...
2021-12-05 Alin Nastacdhcpv6: add support for null IA_PD valid lifetime
2021-11-06 Alin Nastacdhcpv6: add a minimum valid lifetime for IA_PD updates
2021-07-17 Guilherme Janczakodhcp6c: use strpbrk to provide get_sep_pos
2021-04-03 Hans Dedeckercmake: enable extra compiler checks
2021-01-10 Hans Dedeckerra: fix routing loop on point to point links
2021-01-07 Hans Dedeckerra: align ifindex resolving
2020-12-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix displaying IA info
2020-12-26 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: display status code as a string
2020-12-08 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: harden reconfigure logic
2020-12-08 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: rework DHCPv6 message to string implementation
2020-12-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix regression
2020-12-07 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: improve syslog tracing
2020-12-03 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: only refresh timers when reconfigure is valid
2020-12-03 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix printing identity association id
2020-12-01 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: avoid sending continuous renew/rebind messages
2020-11-29 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: add extra syslog info traces
2020-10-17 Alin Nastacodhcp6c_find_entry: exclude priority from the list...
2020-03-28 Hans Dedeckerra: fix sending router solicitations
2020-03-26 Rosen Penevodhcp6c: fix compilation with musl 1.2.0
2019-09-06 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: sanitize oro options
2019-01-11 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: align further with RFC8415
2019-01-11 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: avoid parsing unncessary IAs
2019-01-11 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: set cnt to correct IOV enum
2019-01-11 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: get rid of request_prefix
2019-01-10 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: sanitize option request list
2018-07-13 Adrian Friedliodhcp6c: add option to ignore Server Unicast option
2018-06-20 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: remove len check in option parsing handle
2018-06-11 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: add support for user string options
2018-04-29 Hans Dedeckerra: always trigger update in case of RA parameter change
2018-04-21 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix strncpy bounds
2018-04-05 Hans Dedeckerscript: fix possible negative delay
2018-04-05 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: always trigger script update in case of IA...
2018-04-02 Hans Dedeckerra: rework route information option handling
2018-03-31 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: improve code readibility
2018-03-31 Hans Dedeckertreewide: improve error handling
2018-03-27 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: initialize ifreq struct
2018-03-27 Hans Dedeckerra: handle socket fail creation
2018-03-27 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: fix file pointer leakage
2018-01-16 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: rework option passthrough logic
2018-01-16 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: rework userclass and vendorclass command handling
2018-01-16 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: add -x opt:val support
2018-01-13 Hans Dedeckertreewide: update copyrights to 2018
2018-01-13 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: let odhcp6c_add_state return a success/failure...
2018-01-03 Hans DedeckerRevert "odhcp6c: Replace strerror(errno) with %m"
2018-01-02 Rosen Penevodhcp6c: Replace strerror(errno) with %m
2017-09-01 Hans Dedeckerra: align RA update interval with RFC4861 (FS#964)
2017-03-22 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: rebind capability support in reconfigure messag...
2017-03-22 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: respect renew end point when handling reconfigu...
2017-03-22 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: calculate T1, T2 and T3 in a more sane manner
2017-03-21 Hans Dedeckermd5: use libubox md5 library as local implementation
2017-03-18 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: don't return renew msg in case of invalid msg...
2017-03-17 Hans Dedeckertreewide: align coding style
2017-03-16 Hans DedeckerCMakeLists: don't enable libubox md5 implementation...
2017-02-21 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: use PRIu64 print macro
2017-02-08 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: fix possible stack corruption when parsing...
2017-01-30 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: fix white space error
2017-01-30 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: trigger restart of DHCPv6 state machine when...
2017-01-27 Hans Dedeckerupdate README
2017-01-27 Hans Dedeckerdhcpv6: server unicast option support
2017-01-03 Matthias SchifferAdd option to ignore default lifetime for RDNSS records
2016-11-06 Luka PerkovMerge pull request #50 from sartura/libubox_md5_reuse
2016-10-26 Hrvoje Vargaodhcp6c: reuse md5 from libubox
2016-02-08 Steven BarthMerge pull request #45 from themiron/master
2016-01-31 Vladislav GrishenkoSync style with the existing _packed & _unused macros
2016-01-31 Vladislav GrishenkoUse more conventional way for the alignment
2016-01-31 Steven BarthMerge pull request #44 from bwhacks/alignment-fixes
2016-01-29 Steven BarthMerge pull request #43 from bwhacks/security-fixes
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix end pointer passed from dhcpv6_handle_reply() to...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix regression in entry_to_env()
2016-01-28 Steven BarthMerge pull request #42 from bwhacks/logic-fixes
2016-01-28 Steven BarthMerge pull request #41 from bwhacks/security-fixes
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix alignment of hash buffer in dhcpv6_response_is_valid
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix unaligned 32-bit reads from DHCP packets
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix alignment of buffers in ra_process and dhcpv6_request
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsAdd padding between odhcp6c_entry structures to ensure...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix iteration after expiring a list entry
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix script environment variable setting for empty lists
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsAdd missing option length checks in dhcpv6_handle_advert
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix potential log forgery via status string
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsCheck for unsupported PD exclusion configuration in...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix memory leak in dhcpv6_add_server_cand in case odhcp...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsChange odhcp6c_insert_state to return a success/failure...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix possible stack buffer overflow in s46_to_env when...
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix off-by-one in buffer length in int_to_env
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsFix potential buffer overflow in entry_to_env
2016-01-28 Ben HutchingsAvoid copying buffer after dn_expand() fails
2016-01-26 Steven BarthMerge pull request #40 from dedeckeh/bugfixes
2016-01-26 Hans Dedeckerscript: Launch script with correct action if last scrip...
2015-07-27 Steven Barthodhcp6c: sync and accumulate RA & DHCPv6 events correctly
2015-07-13 Steven BarthMerge pull request #37 from themiron/master
2015-07-13 Vladislav GrishenkoMerge branch 'upstream'
2015-07-13 Steven Barthdhcpv6: remove dead code
2015-07-12 Vladislav GrishenkoAvoid solicit for zero-length prefix
2015-06-09 Steven Barthdhcpv6: clear CUSTOM_OPTS in a more sane manner
2015-05-16 Steven BarthFix LW4over6 parameter handling
2015-04-25 Steven BarthMerge pull request #33 from themiron/master