descriptionOpenWrt service / process manager
last changeSun, 17 Jul 2022 11:14:00 +0000 (13:14 +0200)
2022-07-17 Christian Marangijail: fix various ignoring return value compilation... master
2022-07-17 Christian Marangijail: add WARNING macro to log non critical warning...
2022-06-27 Junnan Xuutrace: fix memory leak
2022-06-01 Daniel Golleinit: only relabel rootfs if started from initramfs
2022-06-01 Daniel Golleinit: selinux: don't relabel virtual filesystems
2022-05-03 Daniel Golleinit: restore SELinux labels after policy is loaded
2022-04-13 Daniel Gollejail: include necessary files for per-netns netifd...
2022-04-13 Daniel Golleuxc: fix potential NULL-pointer dereference
2022-03-03 Rui Salvaterraprocd: completely remove tmp-on-zram support
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleinstance: exit in case asprintf() fails
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: remove unused printf parameter
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: clean up error handling
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: allow editing settings using 'create'
2022-02-18 Daniel Golleuxc: add support for user-defined settings
2022-01-30 Peter Lundkvistprocd: seccomp/jail: Fix build error on arm with glibc
2022-01-11 Rui Salvaterraprocd: clean up /dev/pts mounts
3 weeks ago master
6 weeks ago staging/stintel/watchdog
2 years ago openwrt-19.07
4 years ago lede-17.01