2005-08-23 Nicolas Thilladd libdaemon package
2005-08-23 Nicolas Thillfix building when host and target systems are same...
2005-08-23 Nicolas Thilladd missing sockopts for ipv6 in bits/in.h
2005-08-23 Felix Fietkauupdate kismet package and fix broken ssid handling
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd chan_bluetooth
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd netfilter connmark target,
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkaureally fix the linux-atm package
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkaufix atm driver build, fix static build of sched and...
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkaufix linux-atm build
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkauupdate ar7 config for new kernel patches
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkaufix bcm47xx patch (remove duplicate flash chip patch)
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd libxslt package
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thilladd samba package
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thillenable options required for libxslt,
2005-08-22 Nicolas Thillforce automake invocation
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkauadd wrt54g v4 support
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkauadd wrt54g v4 support
2005-08-22 Felix Fietkauadd fix for tar command line (thx matled)
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd ppdev driver to kmod-lp
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd netfilter connmark target
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd libmenu to ncurses package
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd ipkg fix from whiterussian
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd pppoe fix from whiterussian
2005-08-20 Felix Fietkauadd support for pppoe over atheros wlan
2005-08-19 Nicolas Thillfix br2684 build, set common include and lib searchpatch,
2005-08-18 Nicolas Thilladd missing target/linux/ include
2005-08-18 Nicolas Thilldo not depend on external opencdk (not used) and libtas...
2005-08-18 Nicolas Thillset common lib searchpath
2005-08-18 Nicolas Thillenable kmod build when target arch != mipsel
2005-08-18 Nicolas Thilldisable asm, set common lib searchpath
2005-08-17 Felix Fietkaufix ar7 compile
2005-08-17 Felix Fietkauadd more kernel stuff for ar7
2005-08-17 Waldemar Brodkorbsecurity update
2005-08-17 Nicolas Thillfix date formatting in mail messages (thanks Marcus...
2005-08-17 Nicolas Thillcreate cgi script after rrd archives
2005-08-15 Nicolas Thillfix rrd.cgi and rrd archives creation (thanks Olliver...
2005-08-15 Felix Fietkauadd new binutils versions
2005-08-15 Felix Fietkauadd fixes from whiterussian
2005-08-15 Felix Fietkaufix external package build
2005-08-15 Nicolas Thilldo not build lib and util here,
2005-08-15 Nicolas Thilldo not build kernel module here
2005-08-15 Nicolas Thilladd missing ipkg/ files for rrdcollect-example
2005-08-15 Nicolas Thilladd a package providing a default working (i hope)...
2005-08-15 Felix Fietkauupdate kismet to latest version
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkaufix lzma loader dependency
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thillfix Description (add dot to blank lines)
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd php5 package
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thillchange config screen,
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd changes from whiterussian
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkaufix image builder dependency problem
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd soekris support for ImageBuilder
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thillfix building when target arch != mipsel (arch defaults...
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkauadd new image builder
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd hostapd package with initial support for madwifi
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thillinstall madwifi headers in staging_dir (needed for...
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd libxml2 package
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd expat package
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thillfix rrdcollect selection
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd initial video4linux support (for usb webcams) to...
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd rrdcollect package
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd e2fsprogs package
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkaubump version number of wificonf
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauadd madwifi driver to head
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauadd wificonf fix from whiterussian
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillremove my testing var
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thilladd a patch to integrate ipkg into busybox
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauadd a better mirror for gcc
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauprobe all scsi luns (for card readers)
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkaufix usb-ohci modules.d file
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkaufix tgz building
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkausome wificonf and wlcompat cleanups/fixes
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillremove bin installed in staging_dir on cleaning
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillenable the new "-4" option
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauadd updates from whiterussian to head
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkaurename GPL to LICENSE
2005-08-13 Waldemar Brodkorbadd license file
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillremove wd1100 since it's a watchdog
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillbuild a compressed kernel image to use with i386 bootlo...
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillbuild jffs2 image too since it works with CF and MTD...
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thillremove kernel image from rootfs archive,
2005-08-13 Nicolas Thilladd some hardware info for soekris net4801
2005-08-12 Felix Fietkaufix ide support on wl-hdd
2005-08-12 Felix Fietkau(hopefully) fix dsl driver, add linux-atm package
2005-08-12 Nicolas ThillFix exec permission on /etc/init.d/S60nfsd
2005-08-12 Felix Fietkauadd pspboot support, cleanup in ar7 board support
2005-08-11 Nicolas ThillFix building when target arch = i386
2005-08-11 Nicolas ThillAdd dosfstools package
2005-08-11 Nicolas ThillDisable freetype explicitly, since it is now included
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillMake MTU default to 1492 when ppp_mtu nvram variable...
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillFix /etc/init.d/S50pppoe -> /sbin/ifup.pppoe change
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillAdd rrdtool package
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillAdd libart package
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillAdd freetype package
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillAdd cgilib package
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillFix building when host and target systems are same...
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillFix cross-compile when target system is known to autoconf,
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillFix building when host and target systems are same...
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillFix cross-compile of embedded berkeley db
2005-08-10 Nicolas ThillAdd ether-wake package