2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix squid compile, cleanup
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix sqlite3 on hosts where tclsh is installed
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix peerguardian: include missing 'linux/types.h' befor...
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix libnetfilter-queue: libtool linking libnetfilter...
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillrefresh patches before upcoming fix
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thilloops, remove leftover from [13973]
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thill[cosmetic] sqlite3 fixes:
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix xsupplicant: remove unneeded private linux header...
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillrefresh patches before applying upcoming fix
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillsipsak fixes:
2009-01-11 Lars-Peter... Add xrdb.
2009-01-11 Nicolas Thillfix sendd
2009-01-10 Nicolas Thillrefresh patches before applying upcoming fix
2009-01-10 Nicolas Thillipcad fixes:
2009-01-10 Lars-Peter... Update gst-python to 0.10.13
2009-01-10 Lars-Peter... Fix typo.
2009-01-09 Felix Fietkaufix xf86-video-intel compile
2009-01-09 Lars-Peter... Merge menuconfig Xorg libs and libraries section.
2009-01-09 Felix Fietkaufix dnet python dependency
2009-01-09 Felix Fietkaufix python libffi dependency for targets which do not...
2009-01-08 Florian FainelliAdd libdbi
2009-01-08 Felix Fietkaulldpd does not compile with linux 2.4
2009-01-08 Felix Fietkauconfigure: error: "libffi has not been ported to avr32...
2009-01-08 Florian FainelliEnable termios support in socat, bump package release...
2009-01-07 Lars-Peter... Update pygobject 2.16.0
2009-01-07 Lars-Peter... Force symlink creation.
2009-01-07 Mirko Vogtchanged git repository
2009-01-07 Mirko Vogtadded python package <PyYaml>
2009-01-07 Mirko Vogtadded python package <pyserial>
2009-01-07 Mirko Vogtprevent packaging precompiled python files (*.pyc,...
2009-01-06 Lars-Peter... Add libtool fixup to libffi.
2009-01-06 Lars-Peter... Fix python ctypes module compile.
2009-01-06 Lars-Peter... Add libffi.
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkaudue to a compiler bug, libsndfile does not build on...
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkauxorg-server does not build on avr32
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkauuse LIBGCC_S in fluxbox as well
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkauuse LIBGCC_S in more places
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkaufix eterm compile on avr32
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkauuse the new LIBGCC_S variable to fix cbtt on avr32
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkaumark rtorrent as broken until somebody fixes it
2009-01-06 Lars-Peter... Replace generate-constants which runs on the host and...
2009-01-06 Mirko Vogtfix dependencies in python EFL bindings
2009-01-06 Andy Boyett[packages] libs/fftw3: install headers and libraries...
2009-01-05 Eugene KonevKdrive servers require --enable-kdrive to be built
2009-01-05 Florian FainelliAdd faifa, configures and queries HomePlug 1.0/AV devices
2009-01-05 Jo-Philipp... packages/libs/file: make sure to remove magic.mime...
2009-01-05 Mirko Vogtadding paroli - an integrated phone application written...
2009-01-05 Mirko Vogtcreating new section "phone" and adding fso (freesmartp...
2009-01-04 Lars-Peter... Rename matchbox to matchbox-window-manager as suggested...
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtadded <cython> and <python> as build dependencies
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtadded <python> as build dependency, because <python...
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtadding python bindings for the "Enlightenment Foundatio...
2009-01-04 Michael Vogtupdate mpc to v0.14
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtadding etk (toolkit based on efl)
2009-01-04 Florian FainelliUpdate lftp to 3.7.7 (#4413)
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtnot broken anymore due to prior commit
2009-01-04 Mirko Vogtprohibit cython of building *.so-files - just use plain...
2009-01-04 Lars-Peter... Add libtool fixup.
2009-01-04 Lars-Peter... Add dependency to damageproto.
2009-01-04 Lars-Peter... Retain symlinks. $(INSTALL_*) copys the contens of...
2009-01-03 Mirko Vogtadded cython (will be installed in staging_dir only...
2009-01-03 Felix Fietkauremove asterisk-prompt-de package (obsolete since the...
2009-01-03 Mirko Vogtjust a spelling error in the description
2009-01-02 Florian FainelliUpdate python to 2.5.4 (#4408)
2009-01-02 Florian FainelliUpdate mercurial to 1.1.2 (#4407)
2009-01-02 Florian FainelliUpdate lighttpd to 1.4.20 (#4406)
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauuse conditional dependencies in vte as well
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauuse the fixed up conditional dependencies to get rid...
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkautslib does not build on linux 2.4
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauremove asterisk 1.2 because of build breakages and...
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkaupygtk does not build with linux 2.4
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauecore does not build with linux 2.4
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkaufix libtool compile
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkaucompile xglamo on arm only
2009-01-01 Marek Lindnerupdate batman-advanced to match 0.1 release
2009-01-01 Mirko Vogtadding touchscreen calibration file for the Openmoko...
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Fix libpam install.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Update telepathy-python to 0.15.3
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Fix libusb install.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Add smproxy package.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Some minor cleanups.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Add md5sum and description.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter... Add DISPLAY_SUPPORT dependency to mesa dri modules.
2008-12-30 Lars-Peter... Fix typo in build dependency list.
2008-12-30 Jo-Philipp... packages/net/lldpd: fix typo in makefile
2008-12-30 Jo-Philipp... packages/net: add lldpd link-layer discovery protocol...
2008-12-30 Jo-Philipp... packages/ipv6/aiccu: fix typo in hotplug handler, bump...
2008-12-29 Lars-Peter... Add libpthread-stubs and xcbproto.
2008-12-29 Lars-Peter... Add libxcb.
2008-12-27 Florian FainelliPackage sane-frontends, bump release number (#4382)
2008-12-25 Jo-Philipp... miniupnpd:
2008-12-25 Jo-Philipp... miniupnpd:
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd pthsem (patch by Andreas Thienemann)
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd argp-standalone (patch by Andreas Thienemann)
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd ftpd-topfield (patch by Andreas Thienemann)
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd puppy (client for Topfield PVRs) - patch by Andreas...
2008-12-22 Jo-Philipp... packages/owfs: disable language bindings and remove...
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd gtk2 fix by larsc
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkaupetitboot: add missing file and fix cflags issues