fix zabbix source url
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / net /
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix olsrd compile on 64 bit machines
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix miniupnpd compile
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix gmediaserver compile
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliAdd httptunnel (#1500)
2007-03-24 Florian FainelliAdd include files to staging_dir (#1505)
2007-03-23 Felix Fietkaumark click as broken for now - fails to build and shoul...
2007-03-23 Florian FainelliAdd fix from #456, thanks alasondro !
2007-03-19 Nicolas Thillupdated vsftpd to 2.0.5 (closes: #1333)
2007-03-19 Nicolas Thillfix vsftpd build with gcc-4.1.2 (closes: #1475, partial...
2007-03-18 Florian FainelliFix pid writing with olsrd (#1480)
2007-03-18 Florian FainelliFix chrony compilation with gcc4 and installation ...
2007-03-17 Florian FainelliAdd nagios-plugins (#967)
2007-03-17 Florian FainelliAdd chrony from (#1388)
2007-03-17 Travis Kemenadd B.A.T.M.A.N. from #1448
2007-03-17 Travis Kemenfix path to config and binary
2007-03-11 Florian FainelliAdd fixes from #1329
2007-03-08 Florian FainelliFix powerpc compilation errors with asterisk codecs...
2007-03-05 Tim Yardleypatch file cleanup... ick.. kaloz you owe me some love
2007-03-05 Florian Fainellilibradius is expected to be in /usr/lib/
2007-03-04 Florian FainelliFix compilation when modules are selected or not, shoul...
2007-03-04 Tim Yardleyhuge propset, fixes eol-style on everything and sets...
2007-03-04 Tim Yardleywol contributed by -- ticket: 1265
2007-03-04 Tim Yardleyupdate openssh from 4.4p1 to 4.5p1 -- bugfixes
2007-03-04 Tim Yardleyupdate lighttpd from 1.4.11 to 1.4.13
2007-03-02 Felix Fietkaufix vsftpd compile error (#1409)
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliGrr, did I mean TAB instead of 8 spaces ?
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliSame thing as for samba, make it nicer in menuconfig
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliFix a typo to make it nicer
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliInstall hosplug script as well
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliConvert updatedd to the uci config format, add a hotplu...
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliFix md5sum for matrixtunnel (#1423)
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliPrevent asterisk from using k6 optimisations (#1378...
2007-02-28 Florian FainelliFirst set time before running ntpd, fix from #1410
2007-02-28 Travis Kemenupdate to 0.2
2007-02-27 Felix Fietkauport the dropbear init script fix for keygen => restart...
2007-02-27 Florian FainelliUpgrade httping to 1.2.2 (#1414)
2007-02-27 Florian FainelliAdd opendchub
2007-02-27 Florian FainelliFix httping compilation
2007-02-27 Florian FainelliFix freeradius compilation when not selecting all EAP...
2007-02-26 Florian FainelliFix iodine compilation (#1408)
2007-02-26 Florian FainelliUpdate vpnc to 0.4.0, thanks to Swen Kuhnlein
2007-02-26 Florian FainelliMove totd to ipv6 section, more adequate
2007-02-26 Florian FainelliAdd totd (#1401)
2007-02-23 Mike Bakerurl update (#1395)
2007-02-23 Mike Bakerfix typo (closes #1393)
2007-02-20 Florian FainelliMove aodv-uu to trunk/
2007-02-15 Travis Kemenupdate stunnel to 4.20
2007-02-12 Tim Yardleyyank DEFAULT:=y out of here, as it is deprecated per nbd
2007-02-07 Tim Yardleyfix miniupnpd.. please be careful merging in changes...
2007-02-06 Tim Yardleymerge olsrd changes with freifunks code changes. compil...
2007-02-04 Florian FainelliAdd support for saving frequency skew to a file (#1320)
2007-02-02 Felix Fietkauupgrade miniupnpd to 1.0-RC3
2007-02-02 Nicolas Thillupdate aircrack-ng to v0.7 (closes: #1307), thanks...
2007-02-01 Nicolas Thillfix some misuses of the recently added EXTRA_{CFLAGS...
2007-01-28 Nicolas Thilladd wget package (closes: #1277)
2007-01-27 Nicolas Thilladd net-tools package (closes: #1197)
2007-01-26 Florian FainelliFix the depends typo (#1264)
2007-01-24 Nicolas Thillfix another unneeded autoconf invocation (thanks to...
2007-01-23 Nicolas Thilltouch some autoconf files to prevent autoheader invocat...
2007-01-22 Nicolas Thillcosmetic change: rename PKG_BUILDDEP to PKG_BUILD_DEPENDS
2007-01-22 Nicolas Thillchange prerouting_chain_name to prerouting_wan (closes...
2007-01-22 Felix Fietkaufix various makefile errors (#1236)
2007-01-22 Felix Fietkaufix compile
2007-01-21 Florian FainelliAdd icmptx IP over ICMP tunneling program
2007-01-17 Felix Fietkauupdate miniupnpd to 1.0-rc2
2007-01-17 Florian FainelliAdd ntpclient config files by Carlos Sobrinho, thanks...
2007-01-17 Florian FainelliUpdate wifidog to 1.1.3-beta6, (#1206)
2007-01-17 Felix Fietkauadd kismet bugfix for linux 2.4 (from dragorn)
2007-01-16 Felix Fietkauadd new kismet version, thanks dragorn
2007-01-15 Nicolas Thillupdate parprouted to 0.64, add dependency on libpthread
2007-01-15 Nicolas Thillupdate miniupnpd to 20070112
2007-01-13 Nicolas Thilladd a custom configuration file (from: #1180), remove...
2007-01-13 Florian FainelliReally add the configuration file #1192
2007-01-12 Florian FainelliAdd a default configuration file
2007-01-12 Nicolas Thillreorder patches to fix tcp_wrappers build
2007-01-11 Florian FainelliRename patches to match conventions, second round;...
2007-01-11 Florian FainelliFix pmacct and friends compilation
2007-01-10 Nicolas Thillupdate gmediaserver to 0.12.0 - should build fine again...
2007-01-10 Nicolas Thilladd imapfilter (closes: #769)
2007-01-10 Nicolas Thilladd linux-igd (closes: #1180)
2007-01-10 Nicolas Thilladd a patch to fix xsupplicant build on 2.6.19 (see...
2007-01-09 Nicolas Thilladd a patch to fix kismet on 2.6.19 (closes: #1139)
2007-01-09 Nicolas Thillfix weechat linking against lua
2007-01-09 Nicolas Thillfix atftp/atftpd dependencies, explicitly disable libwr...
2007-01-09 Nicolas Thilltweak tor Makefile and remove unneeded intrusive patch
2007-01-08 Nicolas Thillmisc cosmetic fixes:
2007-01-08 Florian FainelliAdd iodine
2007-01-08 Florian FainelliConvert aodv-uu to the KernelPackage template
2007-01-06 Nicolas Thillupdate ctorrent to 1.3.4-dnh2.2 (closes: #1135)
2007-01-06 Felix Fietkauupdate nmap to 4.20 (patch by jens muecke)
2007-01-05 Florian FainelliFix patch fixes the 2.6.19 compilation issues (#1146)
2007-01-05 Florian FainelliRename patches to matcht the convention, fix compilatio...
2007-01-05 Florian FainelliFix compilation with >=2.6.19 kernels (#1136)
2007-01-05 Florian FainelliUse the newly added INSTALL_CONF variable
2007-01-04 Tim Yardleyupdate tinc to 1.0.6, no more need for the patch as...
2007-01-04 Tim Yardleyremove postinst from miniupnd, to keep the package...
2007-01-04 Tim Yardley/etc/config/* should use INSTALL_DATA
2007-01-02 Florian FainelliFix executable bit on igmpproxy
2007-01-02 Florian FainelliChange category
2006-12-30 Nicolas Thillupdate asterisk to v1.2.14 (closes: #1097), thanks...