2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... iproute2: rename ip to ip-tiny and let both ip-tiny...
2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... uboot-sunxi: fix default config for OLIMEX A13 SOM...
2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... scripts/ honour DEFAULT_VARIANT
2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... base-files: uci-defaults: support requesting untagged...
2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... include: properly update .install stamp files
2016-11-02 Jo-Philipp... scripts/ fix handling of virtual...
2016-11-01 Jo-Philipp... include/ use STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG
2016-11-01 Jo-Philipp... add STAGING_DIR_HOSTPKG variable
2016-11-01 Jo-Philipp... fstools: add build-depends on util-linux
2016-10-31 Henryk Heisigar71xx: Add support to Powerline ac TP-Link WPA8630
2016-10-31 Yutang Jianglayerscape: add 64b/32b target for ls1012ardb device
2016-10-31 Yutang Jianglayerscape: add 64b/32b target for ls1043ardb device
2016-10-31 Henryk Heisigramips: Archer C50 cleanup
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: add vpe/watchdog modules to kernel
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: added xrx200 as plattform for ltqvmmc
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: added xrx200 as plattform for ltqtapi
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: vpe softdog
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: added support for VPE1
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: modify vr9.dts to support vmmc
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: fix vmmc build
2016-10-31 Stefan Kochlantiq: ltq-vmmc add support for ar9-vr9
2016-10-31 Pavel Kubelunipq806x: add reserved memory node in Netgear R7800
2016-10-31 Rosen Penevramips: Add RTC driver to kernel for working hctosys
2016-10-31 Henryk Heisigipq806x: ArcherC2600: export usb power pins
2016-10-31 Henryk Heisigipq806x: ArcherC2600: devictree cleanup
2016-10-31 John Crispinfstools: update to latest git HEAD
2016-10-31 Paul Wassikernel: update kernel 4.4 to version 4.4.28
2016-10-31 Petr Štetiarbase-files: sysfixtime: Keep RTC time in UTC timezone
2016-10-31 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: deactivate CONFIG_QCOM_SPMI_TEMP_ALARM
2016-10-31 Alexis Greenhostapd: properly package wpa-supplicant-mesh
2016-10-31 Petr Konecnyhostapd support for VLANs through a file in addition...
2016-10-31 Daniel Dickinsonuhttpd: Add Basic Auth config
2016-10-31 Hannu Nymanmusl: fix parsing of quoted time zone names
2016-10-31 Chris Blakear71xx: Add net config for MR12 & MR16
2016-10-31 Christian Mehlisar71xx: fix ethernet on wpj344 board
2016-10-31 Alexandru Ardeleanlldpd: freeze execution of lldpd during reload
2016-10-31 Alexandru Ardeleanlldpd: fix reload function for when interfaces change
2016-10-31 Pavel Kubelunath10k-firmware: update qca9984 firmware
2016-10-31 Alexandru Ardeleanfirmware-utils: fix compilation on MacOS X
2016-10-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: image: use append-rootfs step for per-device...
2016-10-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: image: make TRX steps work with rootfs passed...
2016-10-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: image: make linksys-pattern-partition leave...
2016-10-28 Rafał Miłeckiapm821xx: fix USB LED trigger for WNDR4700
2016-10-27 John Crispinopenvpn: cacert does not exist
2016-10-27 Jo-Philipp... config: ext4: increase x86 rootfs size to 2GB to suppor...
2016-10-27 Jo-Philipp... config: ext4: drop option to set maximum number of...
2016-10-27 Jo-Philipp... include: make ext4 reserved blocks percentage...
2016-10-27 John Crispinlinux/modules: drop ledtrig-netfilter
2016-10-27 John Crispinopenvpn: add handling for capath and cafile
2016-10-27 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: add support for per-device rootfs
2016-10-27 Daniel Engbergpackage/network/utils/ipset: Update to 6.30
2016-10-27 Alberto Bursiutil-linux: disc -> Disc and moved some packages
2016-10-27 Ben Greearath10k-ct: Add QCA9888/9886 support, fix compat issue.
2016-10-27 Chris Blakebase-files: Ensure reset only works if an overlay exists
2016-10-27 John Crispinnetifd: update to latest git HEAD
2016-10-27 Paul Wassiuboot-kirkwood: fix default bootcmd for Seagate Dockstar
2016-10-27 Paul Wassiuboot-kirkwood: bump to upstream 2016.09.01
2016-10-26 Koen Vandeputteimx6: Add ds1672 RTC to kernel for working hctosys...
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelar71xx: add support for D-Link DAP-2695 rev. A1
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelar71xx: build relocate stub for generic and legacy...
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelar71xx/base-files: rename 09_fix-trx-header 09_fix...
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelmtd: add fixwrgg command
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelmtd: fix endianness detection on musl
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelkernel: mtdsplit: add support for WRGG images
2016-10-26 Stijn Tintelfirmware-utils: mkwrggimg: new tool for D-Link DAP...
2016-10-26 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: Multiple dnsmasq instances support
2016-10-26 Jo-Philipp... grub2: add missing SECTION variable and remove non...
2016-10-26 Hans Dedeckeripip: Support fqdn as remote tunnel endpoint
2016-10-26 Hannu Nymanuhttpd: create self-signed certificates with unique...
2016-10-26 Hannu Nymanuhttpd: prefer px5g for certificate creation
2016-10-26 Baptiste Jongleznetifd: Request DHCP option 121 (classless route) by...
2016-10-26 Simon Haileswwan: rename data files
2016-10-26 Simon Hailesusbmode: rename data files
2016-10-26 Chuanhong Guoar71xx: Ignore firmware building errors of UBNT and...
2016-10-26 Alberto Bursipx5g-standalone: move to Encryption submenu and fix...
2016-10-26 Alberto Bursipx5g: move to Encryption submenu
2016-10-26 André Valentinpackage/uboot-envtools: Add support for ZyXEL NBG6817
2016-10-26 André Valentinpackage/basefiles: add mkfs.ext4 and losetup binaries...
2016-10-26 André Valentinipq806x/nbg6817: add sysupgrade support
2016-10-26 André Valentinlinux/mtd: add id for mx25u3235f needed by ZyXEL NBG6817
2016-10-26 André Valentinipq806x/nbg6817: add support for ZyXEL NBG6817
2016-10-26 Daniel Engbergstrace: Update to 4.14
2016-10-26 Stefan Kochlantiq: danube fxs bugfix: changed compatible attribute...
2016-10-26 Marcin Jurkowskiqmi: add metric, defaultroute and peerdns options for...
2016-10-26 Marcin Jurkowskimbim: add metric, defaultroute and peerdns options...
2016-10-26 Marcin Jurkowskicomgt: add metric, defaultroute and peerdns options...
2016-10-26 Marcin Jurkowskicomgt: add metric, defaultroute and peerdns options...
2016-10-26 Paul Wassikirkwood: fix pogo_e02 LED name
2016-10-26 Yutang Jianguboot-zynq: fix compile error for be short of dtc
2016-10-26 Alberto Bursigrub2: move to Boot Loaders category
2016-10-26 Alberto Bursifconfig: move to Boot Loaders submenu of Utilities
2016-10-26 Alberto Bursirbcfg: move to Boot Loaders submenu of Utilities
2016-10-26 Xuefu Linramips: fix PSG1218 LEDs
2016-10-26 Julius Schulz... ar71xx: add support for TP-Link WR802N v1
2016-10-26 Paul Wassipackage/system/mtd: fix usage message
2016-10-26 Paul Wassikirkwood: remove redundant code in etc/board.d/02_network
2016-10-26 Chris Blakear71xx: Remove switch config for the MR12/MR16
2016-10-26 Chris Blakear71xx: add mac partition to the MR12/MR16
2016-10-26 Chris Blakear71xx: Move MR12 & MR16 from legacy to generic
2016-10-26 John Crispinugps: update to latest git HEAD